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UPS Tracking: Track Package

UPS Tracking

United Parcel Service (UPS Tracking) is one of the largest package delivery company headquartered in Georgia, United States. The company ships around 15 million packages and serves over 6 million customers in more than 200 countries around the globe. UPS is a global logistics company that provides supply chain management solutions internationally.

UPS also operates air cargo delivery and operates via both water and airline systems. The company is also named as “Brown” known for its brown delivery trucks and uniform. More detailed information is available on

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Today in this post, we are going to provide you all details of types of services provided by UPS, contact numbers, email support ID, shipping prices, shipping calculator, different ways to track UPS at and lots more. Previously we provided a similar tutorial on USPS Tracking too and the customers were getting the package tracking results bang on time! So before we show you the best way for UPS tracking, let’s have a look at the services!

Services Provided by

UPS provides delivery of packages from one place to another in a definite time. In the recent years, UPS has extended service portfolio and started offering supply chain services and truckload transportation. UPS has different operations in three main segments such as International Package operations, US Domestic package operations, and Supply chain freight operations. The company also provides UPS Courier tracking services.

·         U.S. Domestic Package– UPS domestic package operates in the definite delivery of documents, letters and packages around the US.

·         International Package– UPS operates in over 200 countries and territories outside the US. It ships from cities within the US to around the world.

·         Supply Chain & Freight– UPS also provides contract logistics operations that include forwarding and logistics business providers in more than 175 countries and territories around the world. It offers both truckload and less than truckload services in North America.

·         UPS Tracking information– Another service provided by UPS is UPS Freight Tracking that allows the suppliers to track their shipment.

UPS Tracking Contact Number

If you are looking for UPS contact number and access UPS Track, then you can go through below details.

Domestic Services within Canada
English Tel.: 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877)
French Tel.: 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877)
International Services Originating in Canada
: 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877)
UPS Email Support and UPS Working Hours


If you are having questions or comment related to UPS then you can email the company by visiting the website and the company executives will respond within one business day. All you need to do is visit the official website of UPS and enter your Name, email address, select the category, support topic and enter whether you are a shipper or receiver. UPS generally operates from Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PMas its normal business hours.

Types of UPS Tracking Services

a) By Email – You can access UPS Email Support by easily tracking up to 25 UPS small package shipments in a single email. All you need to do is send a list of tracking numbers by composing an email and the executives will send a response of tracking to your email address.

b) By Reference – For every shipment created, there is a reference created against any purchase order. The reference number is generally up to 35 characters and lets you do UPS tracking. It is a unique number which can be easily tracked. In order to track by reference, you need to visit the official website of UPS tracking and enter the reference number, shipment date range, origin country, postal code, destination country and destination ZIP/postal code.

c) By SMS- UPS Tracking can also be done via SMS, In order to enable SMS push notifications and tracking, you need to follow below steps.

Visit the website and fill the UPS tracking number details in the tracking area and then select the track.
A new web page will be opened and there you can add SMS notifications by selecting the request status updates.
With the help of SMS text option, one can select the type of notification and even add a new number or mobile number of your choice where you wish to receive information about UPS Package Tracking.
Select the terms and conditions that you agree to UPS SMS program and its terms of use. Click on Submit and confirm your request using a mobile phone. Once this is done, you will start getting SMS messages about the UPS tracking status for that particular shipment.

UPS Shipping Calculator

UPS shipping calculator lets you find the delivery date and time for all the package and freight services in more than 200 countries. The cost of the shipping depends on the country where you are shipping and therefore determine the shipping cost depending on this estimation. We have recently posted about USPS Shipping calculator and rates as well.

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In order to calculate the right value of time and cost for a package, you need to visit the UPS page and for getting shipping details related to freight you must visit this link. Select the option Calculate time and cost and enter the required details. UPS allows you to calculate the UPS tracking delivery of the shipment anywhere. To get more accurate results, you must login in into your UPS account.

UPS Shipping Rates

UPS Shipping Rates can be calculated by estimating the package dimension, time and cost of application. UPS shipping calculator available online lets you compare the delivery times and rates depending on the destination. You can visit and get clear information about UPS delivery shipping rates from origin country in its local currency. You can get the exact rates and enter the details. Calculate the rates and edit the shipment details. You can calculate the cost of value added services and review the rate details.

Conclusion  of UPS Tracking

United Postal Service allows you send consignments from one place to another. Whether you are sending one package or hundreds, UPS tracking allows you get the status of the complete shipment. It offers several ways to track and convenient way to stay informed about current package status without delay. Stay tuned to and let us know in the comment section if you face any problems while tracking the parcel or cargo of UPS tracking!